Southland Co-op Student Bursary Program Pays Out $

September 6, 2016
Southland Co-op Student Bursary Program Pays Out $

All Southland Co-op Student employees have the option of participating in the Student Bursary Program. Through the program they can have 25 cents per hour taken off their pay cheque and put into savings. Southland Co-op will match their savings when they go on to receive their post-secondary education. In 2016, student staff members received over $7,800 in bursary payouts. Since the inception of the program in 2012, Southland Co-op has paid out over $29,490.

Pictured below is Quayd Fink and Sonja Dahlman, Southland Co-op Human Resources Manager. Quayd received a bursary cheque of over $2,100 last week before he left for Swift Current to pursue his training as an electrician.